Baking Supplies

Most kitchens will have some kinds of baking supplies in their cupboards, even if the home owner isn’t that keen on baking. These supplies can, of course, be used for home baking but many may also be used in general recipes/cooking. The kinds of supplies that a cook has here may vary according to how often they bake and what they bake.


Most cooks that like to bake with have a variety of baking supplies that can help them cook what they put together. So, for example, they may have cake tins, pans, pie dishes, baking trays, muffin and small cake trays and various other forms of bakeware. Many items here are made from traditional metals although it is becoming popular to use specially designed plastic like trays.

These plastic like trays are actually able to withstand extremely high temperatures so they won’t melt in the oven! Because these kinds of baking supplies can be bent and are relatively flexible they also don’t need to be used with cake lining papers. In most cases, a cook can simply put his/her mixture in the trays or tins without lining or greasing and they’ll come out without a problem by simply twisting the tray slightly so that the cake(s) come out.

In many cases, however, lining papers, greaseproof paper, foil, cake cases and other accessories will play a staple part in the baking supplies kept in the home. Most cooks will also have a range of mixing bowls, measuring and weighing devices and spoons and spatulas. Again, some cooks will just have a few accessories here whilst some may have a lot more.

If you are thinking about baking then there are other baking supplies that you may need to have in the house. You don’t just need to think about the things that help you make and bake your recipes but also about the stuff that goes into them. There are a range of different products that are regularly used in baking products and most people who often bake will keep these in their kitchens for when they need them.

So, for example, your baking supplies here may include stuff that can help your cakes rise such as baking power, bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar. Flavourings such as vanilla and almond essences are also often used. Obviously, essential supplies such as flours, sugar, milk and eggs will also need to be on hand, especially for cake making!